How to learn app development for free

Learning mobile app development can be challenging - especially if you are bunkered in Springfield, Mo which isn't exactly the beacon of technology like you see on the coasts.

Along with the shifting sands of device fragmentation, OS updates, and app store rules - you have to learn to write in a different language other than english! There are so many variants of programming languages too, but C is the roof of most. At Moonbeam we develop apps in C, Objective C, Swift, Android Java, LUA, Javascript, Unity, and multiplying mixes of them all.

And we use GitHub religiously for our mobile code repositories, plus to contribute open source code to the developer communities from all over the world. GitHub's vision has always been about empowering developers, and having had several conversations with the GitHub team myself at different events and throughout our premiere mobile publication, I can testify to their commitment to the developer community.

So to all of those future mobile developers out there looking to get started, I've got some news for you.

Flatiron Schools has just partnered with GitHub to offer one month of its Community-Powered Bootcamp course for free, valued at $149 (yes, I said free).

Flatiron School's Community-Powered Bootcamp is a rigorous, professional-grade education course that leverages 800 hours of proven coding curriculum and real development tools, all in collaboration with an online community of driven students. The program was designed to give committed, independent students access to the same exact curriculum that's helped thousands of Flatiron School graduates land jobs. Since the program is peer-driven, it is ideal for self-motivated and collaborative learners and offers a flexible and affordable alternative to Flatiron's other courses.

"Flatiron School shares our deep commitment to enabling the next generation of software developers with access to educational opportunities and professional software development tools," said John Britton, head of education at GitHub. "We welcome their Community-Powered Bootcamp to the GitHub Student Developer Pack and look forward to continued collaboration with Flatiron School."

Students can sign up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack and enroll in Flatiron School's Community-Powered Bootcamp by visiting

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