Why your website is not getting traffic

At Moonbeam, we provide the best website design, and SEO optimization in the Springfield, MO area, and all over the US. Many of our clients come to us with existing websites that don’t get traffic to their business - and they want to know why. 

Here is a quick list of the reasons your website isn’t getting any traffic, ask yourself if any of these apply to you as you read along.

1) Your website hasn’t been updated in over a year.

2) There are errors in the code, or on the server.

3) You can’t access your website on a mobile device and have it appear user-friendly in a responsive way.

4) Your website is on a shared hosting server.

5) SEO tags are missing, not complete, or not relevant.

6) There is no blog or news update regularly.

7) You update Facebook more than your website.

8) Your website isn’t using any analytics or monitoring.

9) You don’t have a newsletter or any other way of communicating with your visitors after they leave.

10) Your website looks like a business card on the Internet, with nothing more than a phone number and address, etc.

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, that alone could completely kill any potential customers from seeing your website in an Internet search.

Contact Moonbeam to find out how we can create your website into a system that gets you found on the web, and lets you communicate with your visitors regularly to keep your business thriving!

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