• May 01, 2015

Project Description

Ravensduaghter Designs Visual Arts approached Moonbeam to build an app that would allow them to convey a medical therapy experience they designed into a mobile app, without losing the experience and overall treatment of the process.

“Celtic Art Mandalynths” was created with a unique experience that allows the user to select any number of specially designed traceable “Mandalynths”, along with soothing background music, and sounds to help relax.

Mandalynths are Celtic Art Mandala that users trace like a Labyrinth using the mobile app. Tracing focuses visual and tactile signals, and allows the brain to decompress. A meditative state occurs quickly as the brain moves from “active processing” into “mindfulness”.

The app was published to the iOS app store, and the Android play store for iPhone sized screens, as well as tablets.

The app contains all original artwork, and over 10 in-app purchases for various customer experiences used in mediation therapy, as well as a custom push alert mechanism using Parse API’s, sound level settings, and analytics tracking.

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  • Skills:

    • Xcode
    • iOS
    • Android
    • In-App Purchase
    • Push Alerts
  • Tags:

    • Medical app
    • Mandalynths
    • Health & Fitness