Energy Savings Solutions

  • July 08, 2014

Project Description

We developed an energy auditing solution using the .NET framework that allowed clients to quickly audit a property and determine the correct LED replacements for legacy lights entered from the property. The output is delivered over PDF and includes extensive energy reporting, which is derived from inputted data, using the software we created.

The software was developed for a mobile web interface using Bootstrap frameworks, and has a heavy cloud service backend with a custom written CMS interface for administrative control of products, replacements, users, and reports.

The software is used by hundreds of people daily, performing business audits for clients as large as Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.

Live Site
  • Skills:

    • Bootstrap
    • Jquery Mobile
    • Cloud
    • SQL
    • .NET
    • SSL
    • SHA2
  • Tags:

    • Auditing Software
    • Mobile Web