Professional App Developers that deliver. follow standards. help your business. know their stuff. are local in the USA. are ninjas.

Moonbeam® is a proven leader in mobile app and web development with success that spans many years, many customers, and many downloads. It's tough to put our experience into words but here are a few Facts about Moonbeam® we thought you should know.

First app developers!

We were some of the first developers to ever release apps into the Google Play store and Apple app store in 2009

Partners with Google!

We were part of the original Google AFMA program, and the Google TV program

Top App Store Rankings!

We have delivered apps to the top 10 rankings in the iOS app store, and the top 25 in the Android play store

Huge Downloads!

We have received over 50 million downloads of our apps, and that number grows every day!

Monetization Experts!

Played a role in helping establish the ad networks Airpush, Leadbolt, and Pontiflex, plus we started our own in 2010 called LunarAds

Lovers of Corona and Unity!

We are Corona Ambassadors, as well as Unity developer enthusiasts!


Who We Are

We are a team of professional mobile app developers, website designers, and software engineers located in Springfield, Missouri.

We specialize in app design, development, publishing, and marketing and website design / custom made software - for your business or entrepreneurial idea.

We have a long history in the Apple and Android app stores and have published over 200 mobile apps throughout the world that are under the Moonbeam® label, or a customers unique brand.

Our CEO Richard Harris, is also the editor and founder for App Developer Magazine and is regularly introduced as an authority in the mobile app business. You will find no better group of knowledgeable experts to work with for your mobile app project.
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