Making Money with Android is a guide for helping Android developers earn money by creating and distributing Android apps. It's based on Moonbeam Development's proven methods, with over 80 published Android apps and over 7 million downloads in the Android market. You can earn real money with Android, and we'll teach you how. We'll explain to you our methods that helped us earn over $500,000 in app revenue in one year alone!

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Book Reviews
"This book is a "must read" for any Android developer. Richard Harris is a proven leader on Android, and he reveals invaluable strategies from customer acquisition to monetization and cross-promotion."- Asher Delug, GoLiveMobile

"A great concise guide for anyone looking at starting Android development. This book covers the whole process, from planning your app to marketing and releasing updates. The real-life examples from Moonbeam Development's own experience make this a very helpful resource for those interested in effective monetization strategies." David Webb,

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With this book you will not learn Android app development, though I do give some overview into what's needed to get started. This is a marketing guide based on our success in the Android market.
If you would like to learn programming Android applications you should have a look at these books “Hello, Android” and “Beginning Android 2“.