One of the first questions most people ask is how much it's going to cost to have an app developer team design, program, then publish an app to the mobile market?

Mobile development costs vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. The more that goes into it, the more it's going to cost you. While there are many things to consider when putting the details on your project together, below is a short list items to keep in mind first that should help you determine how complex your app will be.

  • How many markets will you have your app developed for? (Apple, Android, Windows, Web, etc)
  • How much of the app will use native features (GPS, camera, accelerometer, etc)
  • How many different devices will your app be targeted on (large screens, small screens)?
  • Who will sign and release the app (publishing) and keep it updated in the app stores?
  • How will you be promoting the app?
  • Will the app be free, paid, or both?

  • These are just some examples of what can define your app project and correlates directly into the cost of developing it.

    Below are a few app development project scope examples that might help you budget your project accordingly.

    Please keep in mind these are fictitious projects just to give you examples of pricing.


    • An app consisting of data / images provided by you to convey information to users. It could be an app just to get a presence in the mobile marketplace and have a simple database of facts about you with minimal graphics and features. Published in a single market.
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    • This might be a 2D game app with multiple levels and facebook integration for publishing your high score. It has moderately intensive graphics but nothing 3D or requiring advanced Box2D type physics engines.
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    • Lets say this is a social app where users communicate with each other and give their location via the GPS function of the device. There is lots of information going over the air-waves and the app will be across multiple platforms (Android, iphone, etc).
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    Costs can vary greatly and it really just depends on how involved we are going to be in the overall creation process. We've published simple apps with little budgets, and very complex apps with very large budgets. Let us know how we can customize a solution that fits your budget perfectly. Contact us to get started on your idea