Moonbeam® is committed to facilitating the adoption and use of its products and services, including through distribution of a variety of software products and services. Ensuring proper use is a critical part of maintaining the strong association with quality, efficiency and reliability for which Moonbeam® products and services are known and relied upon by our community. Accordingly, this document establishes general policies for the use of Moonbeam® trademarks to enable and ensure proper use of our brands by others. If you're working with us on specific a project or initiative, please contact us directly to discuss the specifics of how these rules apply to that particular project or initiative.

Moonbeam® takes "Moonbeam" trademark infringement seriously and has copyright and trademark registrations to protect its rights.

Our United States Patent and Trademark Office Official Registration

"Moonbeam" Reg. No. 6,559,668

CLASS 42: Software authoring; Software design and development; Software development for others in the field of software configuration management; Software development in the framework of software publishing; Software porting; Computer software consultancy; Computer software consultation; Computer software design; Computer software design and updating; Computer software design for others; Computer software design, computer programming, and maintenance of computer software; Computer software development; Computer software installation and maintenance; Computer software rental; Computer hardware and software design; Computer programming and software design; Consultancy in the field of software design; Copying of computer software; Custom design of computer software; Customizing computer software; Debugging computer software for others; Design and development of computer software; Design and writing of computer software; Developing and updating computer software; Developing computer software; Developing customized software for others; Image processing software design; Installation and maintenance of computer software; Installation of computer software; Maintenance and updating of computer software; Maintenance and upgrading of computer software; Maintenance of software for Internet access; Maintenance of computer software; Programming of computer software for others; Rental of software for Internet access; Rental of application software; Rental of computer software; Rental of computer software and programs; Repair of software; Repair of computer software; Research and development of computer software; Services for maintenance of computer software; Services for updating computer software; Smartphone software design; Testing of computer software; Updating and maintenance of computer software; Updating of software for data processing; Updating of computer software; Updating of computer software for others; Updating of smartphone software; Updating, design and rental of software

Permission to Use Moonbeam®

In order to use the name Moonbeam® legally, you must request permission from Moonbeam® Development, LLC.

Email, or visit

Moonbeam® can also decline to give permission for the use of its name.

You may only use Moonbeam® marks to identify Moonbeam® and Moonbeam® products and services in a way that is accurate, not misleading, and not disparaging of Moonbeam®, its products or services, personnel, communities, or users. You may not modify our marks (which would include logos, taglines and slogans), or combine them with other marks, or use them as a part of a larger mark, or adopt or use any mark, that is confusingly similar to, misleading, or applies any affiliation with or endorsement by Moonbeam®. You may not use the Moonbeam® corporate logo without express written permission from Moonbeam®.

Here are some examples as to how our marks can and cannot be used:

  • You must use the full mark and not truncate, abbreviate, create acronyms, or otherwise shorten the mark

  • Do not create products or merchandise featuring Moonbeam® marks

  • Ensure there is adequate white space separating Moonbeam® product logos from other content

  • Use the most current versions of Moonbeam® product logos

  • Do not use the same styles or design elements from Moonbeam® logos in your own logos

  • Do not modify the color, background, rotation, angle, aspect ratio, or other attribute of any logo

  • Do not reduce below a size where the logo is readily identifiable

  • When using Moonbeam® marks, use an appropriate attribution and proprietary rights notice, such as: [Mark] and the [Logo name] are trademarks of Moonbeam®.

    Nominative Fair Uses

    In order to accurately identify Moonbeam® products and services, it may be necessary to call them by name. When that name is a Moonbeam® trademark, this practice is known as a "nominative fair use" of that trademark. The basic rules for nominative fair uses include that you must be accurate and not misleading, that such fair use generally extends only to use word marks, and that you should not use the marks more prominently or frequently than necessary. We do not consider uses that fail to comply with the rest of this policy to be permissible fair uses of our trademarks.

    Uses that are not allowed

    The following uses of Moonbeam® trademarks violate our policy, and are probably infringing:

  • Branding products and/or services in a manner that is confusingly similar to Moonbeam® branding

  • Providing software or service offerings consisting of official Moonbeam-distributed software or services under alternative names

  • Using company names that may be associated in customers' minds with Moonbeam or its trademarked project software

  • Claiming Moonbeam® approval or endorsement of products and/or services

    Using Moonbeam® Trademarks in domain names

    You may not use Moonbeam trademarks in your own domain names. Please realize that the use of our trademarks in your domain names is generally not considered "nominative fair use" because the domain name refers to the offerings on your website, rather than merely being used to identify our products and services.


    Our intent with this policy is to ensure Moonbeam® marks are not misused, and to maintain a clear distinction in the market between Moonbeam® and its products and services, and the products and services of others. Nothing in this policy shall be deemed or interpreted to grant any license, or to allow any third party to claim any association with or endorsement by Moonbeam®, or to indicate or imply any approval or support by Moonbeam® for any third party products or services, whether or not derived from Moonbeam® products or services. We reserve the right to amend this Trademark Policy, including any permissions within it, at any time.
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