moonbeam development becomes an approved department of defense contractor

Moonbeam Development is proud to announce we have passed the certification process for the US Department of Defense, and are now SAM certified. This means we can now engage in US DOD software contracts for our US military in the states and abroad.
Being an approved business by the Department of Defense is a big milestone for us and we are excited to be one of the only Missouri based software developer team eligible to work in the scope of software development at the Federal level.
In 2017 a classified section of the United Nations reached out to us about priority software we had developed and for public consumption through the mobile app stores. We learned that a part of the UN had been using our software in certain areas operation, and they desired to work closer with us to refine the software better for their use. Part of that process was us becoming SAM ready.
The threat to our country is real, and it's growing every day. Using our talents to serve our Country in any way possible is both humbling, and rewarding. We look forward to the challenges and problems we can help solve.

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