Chirp GPS Tracking

  • July 01, 2015

Project Description

Chirp GPS is a phone and device tracking app that we developed the technology for using GPS, telematics, and cloud services. The app features real-time tracking for users, pin dropping, GPS and street map displays, point to point directions, sharing locations, panic functions, and tons more tech.

It took 24 months to bring Chirp to the market, but today is stands at a top 25 Travel app in the iOS app store, and is widely used by tens of thousands of people daily.

The app utilizes some proprietary functionally developed in-house, along with push alerts, in-app subscription services, IDFA ad tracking, and advanced screen analytics.

Live Site
  • Skills:

    • Objective C
    • Android Java
    • SQL
    • .NET
    • API
    • Maps
  • Tags:

    • GPS Mobile Tracking
    • ChirpGPS
    • Find my phone