Origins Radio

  • May 05, 2015

Project Description

Origins Radio was developed for independent musicians to publish their own music, so listeners could tune into the streamed channels and hear their music.

Artists signup on the website, then create their profiles, albums, and upload their music.

Listeners select playlists general of music they like, and can rate songs they hear on the station.

We built a custom music streaming engine that allowed users to listen, rate, and navigate the website, all without the music ever stopping! 

The project was completed but then taken offline by the client due to shortage of help to maintain the website. We thought it was worth mentioning here because it was such an exciting website, and loads of fun to work on. There are plans to re-launch the website but a date has yet to be determined. 

Live Site
  • Skills:

    • HTML5
    • DOM
    • .NET
    • SQL
    • PHP
    • Cloud
  • Tags:

    • Streaming
    • Music
    • CMS
    • Profiles
    • Signup