Marketing your mobile app

Marketing a mobile app is not as easy as you might think. Between the Apple and Android app stores, there are well over 3 million unique app experiences for users to pick from. So your app getting buried is almost certain, and learning how to stay above the tide can be frustrating.

The good thing is, we are here to help!

As the app market has changed over the last 10 years, Moonbeam Development has moved and shifted with it. This means we can help you market your mobile app more effectively, get more downloads, and retain users.

There are well over 100 unique points we cover when working with you to market your app. Here are just a few that might guide you along the path if going at it alone.

App name research

You might think you have a catchy name, but it’s likely doing nothing for your discoverability.

Your app store description

This is a big one - and it’s not about what you think. Describing your app, and marketing your app in the same sentence takes a well thought-out approach.

App store reviews

How many reviews, by what countries, and how often

Keyword research

ASO is pretty much dead, but keywords still make an impact, especially for Android.

Analytics research

How are you tracking user flow, experience, and conversion? Do you know your audience?

App icon research

First impressions of an app start with your icon. 

Website backlink and conversation research (including deep-linking)

A good website, with high SEO values can help make your app soar. And learning how to link them together (deep links from inside your app), can make a difference too.

How are you monetizing the app

What is the purchase experience like for users? Price experiments, user behavior, and life-time-value are key in this area.

When was your app last updated?

If it’s been over 6 months, that’s too long. Keeping users engaged with fresh offers, content, and features help you win new customers, and re-engage old ones.

Email, push, and website marketing

How often are you actually communicating with people that download your app? 

Listing out some points to cover vs. executing them are two totally different things, and having a mobile developer expert on your side can keep your app from ending up in pile of other forgotten apps in the app store. Let us help.

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